The Company

Cool Farm: a cool story

Cool Farm was founded in Italy in 2014 with the aim of riding the waves of international fashion. Behind its identity pulses the joint ingenuity of a creative team with a wealth of manual know-how and technical proficiency resulting from a panoramic savoir-faire that mixes graphic design, communication and a passion for quality fashion. In a continuity of the tradition of the Tuscan fashion district, the brand’s products are characterised by the use of superior materials and non-standardised processes adorned with contemporaneity to create garments and accessories that are constantly up-to-date.

The brands

In 2015, Cool Farm acquired the Mauna Kea brand before elevating it to the status of an iconic label in the luxury streetwear scene. In 2019, came the turn of Self Made, a project launched by designer Gianfranco Villegas, whilst the dawn of 2020 saw the rise of IHS, a brand that revolves around the esoteric and spiritual appeal of an acronym rich in symbolism.

Cool Years

A history of numbers, ideas and transformations

With an assortment of brands characterised by spirits that are distinctive yet united by a desire to explore what lies outside the box by dilating fashions and conventions, Cool Farm turns to the world of streetwear with an ever-evolving approach. Today, the products born in the brand’s universe populate the most prestigious fashion weeks and the most important international boutiques, bringing the free and innovative spirit of unmistakable labels, collections and products into their fold.