Self Made

Half Filipino, half Italian, completely Self Made

The Self Made brand blossomed in 2014 from the visionary mind of Gianfranco Villegas, a designer of Italo-Filipino origin who graduated from Polimoda in Florence and landed on the creative floors of companies such as Damir Doma, Lacoste, Supreme and Bape. More than a garment and beyond the status of fashion-object, each Self Made garment combines the unique character of Filipino-American streetwear, infinite hip-hop derivations and an authentically Italian quality. Urban graphics, evocative fonts and three-dimensional embroidery are mixed to bring entertainment and contemporary art, graffiti and direct messages closer together, compressing infinite units of meaning within a single garment skilfully crafted in one of Italy’s best-known and most precious fashion districts: Tuscany.


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Themes and mixtures

Provocative and evocative, Self Made garments perfectly balance a street spirit with luxury craftsmanship to create a unique and offbeat combination. The secret to their appeal lies in the instability of their inspirations and the unexpected nature of their aesthetics which, just like the designer at the brand’s roots, oscillate between different poles like pendulums ready to swing along unexplored lines. Struggle, love, passion, beauty, hybridisation ... under the right lens, everything becomes Self Made.