Mauna Kea

Surfing Italy for The Big One

Mauna Kea is the fruit of an encounter between 1980s audacity and an unrepentant desire for freedom inspired by the saltiness of the crests to be dominated. The first to spot the magic of this mix was an Italian surfer who, whilst exploring the world in search of the perfect wave, found the right inspiration on the volcanic island of Mauna Kea in Hawaii. Dedicated to the island whose name it bears, the brand was founded in 1988 and quickly established itself on the scene in the 1990s by creatively interpreting the global trend of coloured prints. Cool Farm acquired the label in 2013 and has maintained its evergreen appeal ever since by investing in artisanal dyeing, one-of-a-kind treatments and handwork.


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Aesthetics and philosophy

Designed and made in Italy, the brand’s products are dedicated to urban and underground subcultures able to interpret an iconic style characterised by tie-dye, shibori, steamed prints and ecological discolouration that, when applied to functional fabrics and hi-tech materials, proves to be hyper contemporary. In 2022, Mauna Kea embarked on a collaboration with rising NBA star Jaren Jackson Jr. by launching a capsule collection that blends key elements of the brand’s aesthetic with those of basketball culture. Today, Mauna Kea garments are distributed through a network of retailers specialising in contemporary luxury, such as Luisa Via Roma and Farfetch, both online and in physical shops.