Art meets fashion

The name of the IHS brand derives from a mysterious acronym straddling early Christianity, medieval history and arcane symbolism that is graphically interpreted through recourse to Renaissance art and contemporary readings of its communicative potential. Created on occasion of the Autumn-Winter 2019/2020 collection, the brand launches the prerequisites for an energetic convergence between contemporary streetwear and figurative art that has survived from the past through the identification of stylistic features, motifs, symbols and details that can be transformed into new communicative tools to unveil unprecedented messages capable of speaking to the new alternative communities.


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Imagery and inspirations

Imagined and produced in Italy, all IHS products maintain the high quality of creations from the authentic Tuscan fashion production district, being constantly renewed thanks to the intuition and creativity of a team of designers determined to populate an imagery rich in evocation. Amidst heroes, demons, masks, sinners and presences that are out of the ordinary, IHS creations explore the infinite inspired cues released by an ancient symbol that never ceases to emanate an energy that is impossible to ignore and irresistible to wear.